Here you will find a collection of members' sites as well as examples of starling and house sparrow nests, predator guards, housing types, and other visual aids. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size image. Click here to see videos and photos of martin banding. Photos of roosts can be found here.


2 Lonestar racks in Raleigh
Lonestar gourd rack

Lonestar w/ add-a-rack

                    Coates house in Raleigh
Gourd racks in Rocky Mount
Brown gourds can attract martins
Gemini gourd rack
Gemini rack in Battleboro
Gemini setup
ASY male on crescent supergourd
excluder II entrance (starling resistant entrance hole)
Troyer Horizontal gourd

Predator guard and winch

Female in the process of laying egg
martin acrobatics
Lonestar house
ASY male
Sy male and ASY male
SY male
female trapped in gourd, plucked by SY
Blowfly larva on martin nestling

Purple martin eggs

female incubating eggs

martin nestlings

complete nest with eggs in Lonestar house


Bulky starling nest
- removed

S&K American Barn w/4 Bo11p gourds