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Refurbished wooden martin house for sale- $35.00

posted Aug 4, 2014, 11:18 AM by ncpurplemartin   [ updated Jan 24, 2015, 11:31 AM ]
Jan 2015 - still available: A few months ago, a wooden martin house was donated to NCPMS.  It is now being offered for sale for $35.00 after being refurbished and updated. We are only asking for the cost of the materials to update it.  Use the Contact Us link to inquire. Note: this is a heavy house. Winch and cable system is recommended.

House info:
  • 4 Enlarged compartments (2 on each side), Approximately 5.8"x10.5" (old compartments were 5"x5")
  • House modified to raise and lower on a 2" round steel pole with winch/cable
  • Optional 10' pole and ground stake provided (free) or you can provide something taller (recommended height is 10-20 ft.).
  • Staggered entry to reduce porch domination issues, with starling-resistant entrance holes and porches
  • Removable subfloors and drainage/ventilation features
  • Access to each compartment for nestchecks and cleanouts via access caps on side of house
  • Thick, sturdy, insulating wood, painted with white elastomeric paint
  • Sturdy enough to add an L bracket to the bottom sides of the house and hang gourds.
  • Easy to add perching rods/dowels to porch area
  • Roof and house sections are still removable for maintenance at season end
If you do not currently have an active colony site, you may increase your chances of establishing nesting martins by adding gourds below this house as suggested above. Keep all other bird species out of martin housing!

Photos are below (click to enlarge):