Welcome to the home of the NC Purple Martin Society! We are dedicated to the conservation of the purple martin and strive to educate others about this delightful songbird. We enjoy getting together just to talk martins! Please check out the About Us link on the left side of the page to learn more about our group, and the About Purple Martins link to learn more about martins. Thanks for stopping by, and consider Joining Us as a member today!

Member Courtney Rousseau works with a scout group at Prairie Ridge Ecostation

What is it like inside a purple martin nest? Check out the PMCA's eight minute video from 2021! You'll see an adult male and female raise a clutch of 5 to fledging age. This video was taken in an Excluder gourd with a crescent entrance hole over the span of the martin season in PA.

Check out segments from our 2023 Wake County NC nestcams here!

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