About Us

The North Carolina Purple Martin Society (NCPMS) is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer conservation organization run solely on public donations and annual contributions. 

The mission of the North Carolina Purple Martin Society shall be dedicated to the preservation of the purple martin species through hands-on conservation projects, public education, and scientific research, to encourage responsible colony management, to establish new public colony sites and maintain existing public colony sites, to recruit new purple martin enthusiasts, and to work with other like-minded conservation groups, for the benefit of this human-dependent species and the earth's biological diversity. The purpose and objectives of this Society shall be to engage in any such educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic, and charitable pursuits as may be part of the stated purposes of the Purple Martin Conservation Association, of which this Society shall function as an affiliate, as well as the making of distributions to other organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the NCPMS are tax-deductible (EIN #86-1691222). By-laws and other formation documents are available upon request. The NCPMS is a CSL exempt organization registered with the NC Secretary of State.

NCPMS was established in 2010 and formally incorporated as a nonprofit in 2020. We welcome members from across the state. NCPMS currently manages public colonies in Wake county with plans to expand, and our members also manage several colonies on private lands across the state. Donations and membership fees are used to help pay for educational and outreach events, new public sites, and maintenance of the established public sites so that everyone may enjoy purple martins and learn about them. We also have planned scientific research goals. Meetings are held once or twice a year, with info published on our calendar page and social media pages.  Join us and support purple martins in NC today!

Read all about purple martins and maintaining a colony site by clicking on the About Purple Martins link. If you need help setting up or managing a martin colony, feel free to send us an email, after reading through the information linked on the left. If you are considering putting up a martin colony at a public site, such as a school, park, garden, or museum, read through this page first.

Volunteering:  We are always looking for folks willing  to do the following: start new public martin sites, set up martin sites at the beginning of the season, do nest checks/data collection, help with special projects (such as banding), and takedown/cleanout at the end of the season. No experience is necessary, we can train you.

We are especially interested in folks that are willing to start and manage new public sites and staff informational tables to talk to the public about martins. If your yard is not good martin habitat (too many trees?), then consider running a public site.

Read more about volunteering hereContact us today if you'd like to help!

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Please stop by and see us at our next meeting or martin event! Calendar link here.