Wake County NC nestcam

(Note: 2024 season videos have not yet been posted here. We'll update soon!)

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4/13/23: Nest-building has not yet started, and the subadults are not here yet. Adult pairs continue to claim gourds at this site. ASY male in this video.

ASY female in a Troyer Horizontal gourd in Wake County, NC

4/21/23: Nest-building is well underway now! See the ASY female bring in a dry oak leaf and do some nest re-arranging!

5/1/23: An ASY female arranges the leaves in the nest while her mate guards the porch entrance from subadult males, which have now arrived at the colony site. You can hear the male's "click" at the end of his song in this video.

5-22-23: This ASY female had 5 eggs, 4 of which hatched today! Here they are!

5-22-23 How does an adult purple martin feed such tiny newly-hatched babies? Watch the video to see!

During the week of 5/28/23, we had terrible weather. It was cool and rainy for days. These martins took supplemental feeding off their porch to help them survive. Watch them eat the crickets off the porch!

6/3/23- Watch a male and female call to the nestlings to let them know it's time to eat.

6/3/23 Feeding a dragonfly and practicing nest sanitation

6/3/23 Whoa, a nice mouthful of ants!

6/6/23 - Now THAT is one huge dragonfly!

6/9/23- So, what's the right position for a dragonfly to be eaten? See the parents properly position it for optimum swallowing!

6/9/23 - Anyone know what this cool insect might be?

6/18/23- How do you tell a fledgling from an adult? Check it out!

6/18/23 - What do fledglings look like when they beg for food?