On this page, you can find more information about various volunteer positional needs that we have.
Some can be done remotely, and others require onsite assistance. 

Social media person (Facebook, Instagram): This person would assist in making social media posts promoting NCPMS activities or information.  

Nest Check Assistant: Assist with nest checks once a week throughout the martin season (March-July) at NCPMS public sites. This dependable person may help record data and make observations about nest contents.  Data at the end of the season is used for Project Martinwatch. Dress for the weather.

Volunteer coordinator: This person would keep a master list of all volunteers that have signed up to help out at various martin sites or in various positions, would organize their contact information, and make sure volunteers are kept informed of opportunities in their local area. This person would also keep the list updated as needed, and would relay volunteer information to society leadership as needed.

Conservation group liaison: This person would be the liaison between NCPMS and any local conservation groups, such as an Audubon Chapter,  a chapter of the NC Wildlife Federation, etc.  The liaison would coordinate efforts between NCPMS and other conservation groups when we have a shared conservation goal or activity. This role works closely with the society president.

Photographer and videographer: Take quality pictures and video of martins or our activities at public sites. This person would work with the social media person to share photos, as well as the newsletter editor.

Digital newsletter editor: This person would be comfortable working with Microsoft Publisher to create quality newsletters once a year, typically in the summer.

Mentor program coordinator: This person would be the keeper of the mentor list and would assist in recruiting new quality mentors for martin landlords in NC. Approved martin mentors practice most PMCA management recommendations, make site visits, and are friendly in their assistance to new landlords.

Local event booth planner: This person would research public events or festivals where a martin informational table would be appropriate, and would be in charge of communicating with the event coordinator in order to secure a table. This person would also assist in recruiting volunteers to staff these tables.

Public site manager: Start new public sites at parks, schools, businesses that allow public access, or other appropriate areas. This person may also take over management at an active colony site.

Website administrator: The website administrator edits this website, using Google Sites.

Director (member of Board of Directors, part of the leadership team): Directors have a one-year term and can self-nominate in the fall of each year. Their term lasts for 1 year, which starts at the first board meeting of the year, usually in January or February. Terms may be renewed if there is individual interest.

Ad-hoc volunteers: Fill in where needed for special events, such as banding, site maintenance, etc.  If you are someone looking for volunteer hours for another organization (such as for school, an honor society, scouts, etc) then this is a good choice. Dress for the weather. Ad-hoc volunteers may end up doing a little bit of anything, depending on the need at that time. Anyone under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult. 

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