Helpful Links

Information and Interesting Websites:

Groups and Societies:

The Purple Martin Conservation Association (PMCA - home)

PMCA Forum (great place for martin info)

Coastal Carolina Purple Martin Society - Manns Harbor NC roost

National Audubon Society - North Carolina

Wake Audubon Society

NY State Purple Martin Project (PMCA Affiliate)

Wisconsin Purple Martin Association

Lakeland Area Purple Martin Association on Facebook (PA)

Iowa Purple Martin Organization-Facebook group (PMCA Affiliate)

Virginia Purple Martin Field day (annual event)

Purple Martin Fanatics Facebook Group

Useful Information:

Elimination of Starlings and House Sparrows Through Trapping/Shooting (article by Kathy F)

House Sparrow Control Myths (Kathy F)

Nest Checks: Why and How (PMCA)

10 Reasons People Fail to Attract Martins (PMCA)

Tree Swallow and Bluebird Interference Problems

Where did my martins come from? All About Natal Dispersal (PMCA)

Which predator attacked my colony site? (PMCA)

Feather ID: I found a strange feather under my colony site. What bird is it? (FWS)

12 Reasons People Lose Their Martins (PMCA)

Purple martin banding (PMCA)

All About Project MartinWatch (PMCA)

Project MartinWatch Forms (PDF version, PMCA)

Purple martin resources for parents and educators (PMCA)

Dealing with mites in martin housing (Chuck Abare)

Plumage: How to ID adult vs subadult martins (PMCA)

List of Songbird Rehabilitators in NC (NCWRC)

Information about the Lake Murray, SC martin roost

What nest is this in my martin housing? Nest ID (PMCA)

Animated growth of a Purple Martin Nestling (PMCA)

Supplemental feeding of Purple Martins (Kathy Freeze)
NCPMS Youtube Channel (nestcam videos as well as various informational Zoom presentations)
Purple Martin Daytime Chatter free file download, for martin attraction (Erva/Naturehouse)
More information & background info about various types of SREH (Ontario Purple Martin Association)

DIYs and How-Tos:

DIY plans from PMCA (Housing, traps, predator guards, platform feeder, etc.)

How to prepare natural gourds (Chuck's PM Page)

How to modify Trio housing from 6x6 to 6x12 with SREH (PMCA)

How to add ventilation elbows and stay-dry modifications

Make a Snake Guard with Netting (Chuck's PM Page)

How to Build a Nest Box Trap (NBT) (PMCA)

How to Make a Stovepipe Predator Baffle/Guard (PMCA)

Kingston Stovepipe Baffle Improvements

Chuck's Purple Martin Page (DIY projects, info)

How to identify house sparrows (PMCA/Larry Melcher Youtube video)

Tattletails: How to Tell the Sex and Age of Purple Martins by Their Undertail Coverts (PMCA)

The Lewis Modification: Keeping Starlings from Breaching the Conley II Entrance (PMCA)

How to build owl/hawk caging (Kathy F Youtube video)

Doing nest checks with owl/hawk caging and netting underneath (Kathy F Youtube video)

Martin Products:

PMCA shop (various houses, gourds, gourd racks, and accessories)

Uncle Blaine's Sparrow Trap (repeating ground trap)

The Supergourd (Bird Abodes)

S&K Manufacturing- Gourds (BO11P, BO-9 gourds)

Troyer's Birds Paradise - no website - call for catalog - 1-800-872-0103 (inventor of T-14 and Troyer Horizontal gourd, etc.)

Purple Martin Place (various martin products)

Purple Martin Products (various Troyer products, authorized Troyer reseller)

Trio/Naturehouse/Erva (Trio brand houses and replacement parts)

Songbird Essentials Purple Martin Products

Heath Outdoor Products (Heath aluminum houses, generally not recommended but linked for parts)

Van Ert Sparrow and Starling Nestbox Traps

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